Lucky Clover Packaging

river city cannery is a

full service

mobile canning solution
saves your brewery

time & money

We supply the equipment, expertise and inventory to package your product into cans. Our compact, fully automated system can package up to 80 barrels per day, leaving you with 1,000+ cases of beer ready to distribute into the market.

With our detailed quality assurance program and sanitation standards,
YOU can FOCUS on making GREAT BEER and let us handle the rest!


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We arrive at your facility with custom–equipped machinery, complete with necessary supplies, labor and expertise — all inside of a box truck capable of offloading onto ground or dock–height entry points.

Our equipment is completely automated, mobile, and modular, allowing our setup to accommodate even the most challenging brewhouse layouts. By investing in ancillary equipment such as automated depalletizers, inkjet coders and automated ring–pack applicators, we ensure the flexibility necessary to serve your brewery regardless of size.

When the job is done, we provide a detailed CANalytics report that shows key metrics from the entire packaging process. With this you can rest assured that the integrity of your product has been maintained and that consumers will receive your product the way you intended it.

Check out a video of our mobile canning in action.

Packaging Consultation & Sourcing


We’ve done the research, networking, and pricing to ensure our brewery partners make the best decisions for their business.

Wondering if case boxes or Pak–Tech toppers are the right move to stand out on limited shelf space? Looking for reputable design firms to create quality can art? Want to do a small batch for limited release runs but can’t hit painted can order minimums? We can help with all of that and more.

Inventory Management  »


Whether you can in–house or with us, we excel at being your supply chain management solution. We have the capability to manage your vendor relationships, order fulfillment, and off–site inventory housing.

Free up your day and your brewhouse floor space while ensuring you never run short when your inventory is needed the most.

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Why Cans?

better taste

Better Taste.

Cans block 100% of UV light from altering the taste of beer and their insides are treated with a water–based protective coating, ensuring that the beer and metal never touch. Cans are airtight and oxygen-free, which means a longer shelf life.

reduce shipping costs

Reduce shipping costs.

A can weighs less than 1 oz; a bottle weighs 6 oz. That makes a real difference in terms of fuel economy and greenhouse gas emissions when transporting. Cans stack higher and are more durable, allowing more product to be moved at once.


Infinitely recyclable and better for the Earth.

Recycling one can will power a TV for 3 hours. 75% of all aluminum ever produced is still in use today. A beer can is 100% recyclable, no other package can say that!


Go places bottles can’t.

Airplanes, riverboats, beaches, poolside, in a backpack — cans go where bottles can’t. They are shatter proof and have no bottle cap to throw away after opening.


Increase presence.

Two stacked six packs of cans are as tall as one six pack of bottles. Your distributors and retailers will appreciate this and stacking helps maximize your retail space.


Tell a story.

An eye–catching can is one of the best advertising opportunities a brewer has. Take advantage of 360 degrees of branding space that cans offer.


Chills faster and colder longer.

Aluminum chills faster than glass.


Avoid inventory minimums and tied up capital.

Because RCC orders cans & lids in large quantities, we are able to pass those cost savings to brewers who would otherwise be held to large order minimums.

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Giving Back

River City Cannery is proud to support the following organizations and their mission:

DC Firefighter Burn Foundation D.C. Central Kitchen CFUF

Meet The Team

Matt Sebastionelli


Matt Sebastionelli

After a 12–year career as a firefighter, Matt decided in October of 2012 that he wanted to turn his passion for home brewing into a business. While doing some research into opening his own brewpub, Matt realized that the capital–intensive nature and cost–prohibitive order minimums presented a challenge for many craft breweries. Rather than opening his own brewpub, Matt set out to provide an economical packaging solution for breweries that wanted to expand their presence in the market and get their beer into the hands of more consumers. Matt has a passion for quality beer and making sure your beer tastes as great during the last sip as it did before it went in the can.

Ashley Sebastionelli

Co–founder, President

Ashley Sebastionelli

Ashley is Matt’s wife and has worked in business development and marketing for almost a decade. After receiving her MBA and helping to launch a few technology startups in the DC area, she knew she wanted to own her own business one day, but never imagined it would be in the beer industry. Ashley oversees the business operations and marketing for River City Cannery and enjoys interacting with our awesome clients and brewing community.

Steve Mashington

General Manager

Steve Mashington


Bobby Twing

Regional Manager

Bobby Twing


Matt Gladd

Manager of Warehouse Operations

Matt Gladd


Ryan Jae

Scheduling & Logistics Manager

Ryan Jae


Brendan Pevarski

Account Manager

Brendan Pevarski


Join the Team

Employment Opportunities:

Canning Line Lead Operator

Characteristics and Competencies

  • Enthusiastically interested and knowledgeable in craft beer
  • Customer driven, results oriented and energetic
  • Focused on impeccable service delivery and maintaining a positive working relationship with all clients
  • Strong team player
  • Experienced in mechanical systems operations, maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Good understanding of craft brewing process and production
  • Previous packaging or brewery experience or knowledge
  • Willing to travel up to a 4-5 hour driving radius and work in a variety of craft brewing environments.
  • Occasional overnight travel required.
  • Must have valid driver's license.
  • Supervisory skills and experience

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Set-up, cleanup, maintenance, loading and unloading of canning line
  • Driving mobile canning truck
  • Cleaning/sanitation of the canning line
  • Hooking-up to client tank/hose/line
  • Trouble-shooting (flow, line, canning functions, set-up)
  • Dialing in the flows
  • Insuring overall production canning quality and efficiency
  • Monitoring/supervising all aspects of canning line operations
  • Daily tracking - initial seam measurements, pulling samples if required
  • Insuring availability and readiness of all supplies (cans, ends, trays, PackTech) and equipment (tables, twist rinse, de-palletizing module) needed for production
  • Verifying production run and quality assurance

Compensation Plan

  • Hourly rate wages

Email To Apply

Canning Line Operator (part-time)

Characteristics and Competencies

  • Interest and knowledgeable in craft beer
  • Customer oriented, willing and able to perform a variety of manual and repetitive tasks
  • Personable style in working with client employees
  • Strong team player
  • Able to take direction from Canning Line Lead Operator
  • Willing to travel within a 4-5 hour driving distance and work in a variety of craft brewing environments.
  • Must have valid driver's license
  • Previous packaging or brewery experience/knowledge

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Loading/unloading equipment
  • Canning line set-up
  • Canning line clean up
  • Loading/de-palletizing, cleaning/sanitizing cans
  • Performing canning line operations tasks
  • Re-palletizing of filled cases
  • Driving mobile canning truck

Compensation Plan

  • Hourly rate wages

Email To Apply

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For more information about River City Cannery’s mobile canning process, or to receive a quote, please fill out the form or contact us at the phone number below.
Check out our FAQs

What equipment do you use?

River City Cannery has carefully selected our equipment manufacturers and vendors to provide the best service available. We currently partner with the following manufacturers and vendors:

Wild Goose Canning
Crown Cork & Seal
Videojet Technologies
BioControl Pharmaceuticals
Mumm Products

We don’t have drive up access. Can you still get in the brewhouse?

We have the capability to access breweries via drive-up or dock height entry points.

How much space do you need?

We can operate in a space as small as 10’ x 30’ and only need access to five things: CO2, water, 120v electricity, air and drains.

How much do you charge?

Our rates per case are based on factors such as:

  • Can size
  • Commitment Length
  • Number of Cases Packaged

What is a CANalytics report?

Throughout our operation we measure dissolved oxygen levels, ensure quality seam tolerances, track CO2 levels, perform ATP sterility testing, and analyze packaged vessels for headspace and fill volumes, temperature and fill pressure. Our CANalytics report is a track record of your daily packaging that is supplied to you post canning.

Why does dissolved oxygen matter for packaging?

Quite simply, the lower the dissolved oxygen (DO), the better the shelf stability. DO is the enemy of packaged beer, and we take great care to make sure that the DO level from packaging is kept as low as possible. It isn’t just about ensuring shelf life though: it is a large component of brand perception: According to the White House Office of Consumer Affairs, 91% of customers who have a bad experience will not buy again from that business, and they will remember the offense for 23½ years. That means the more proficient we are at packaging, the more true your product will remain to its intended taste and keep your consumers coming back for more!

What CIP chemicals do you use?

We currently use Birko Corporation products, but are able to use other brands if provided.

What steps do you take to ensure quality packaging?

Packaging quality starts way before the beer makes it to the packaging line, but strictly speaking about canning, many steps are taken to ensure and continually improve quality. These steps include:

  • A swabbing program for our canning operations. The goal of this is to help troubleshoot micro issues and give us assurance that our canning equipment itself is not adding to any of those micro issues.
  • Stringent Pre-CIP and post-CIP cleaning protocol on every canning run
  • Regular seam-tolerance measurements
  • DO level readings at the tank pre-fill
  • Packaged vessel metrics analysis
  • Rigorous preventative maintenance and component replacement schedule on all of our equipment

What areas do you serve?

We focus on facilities located in the District of Columbia, Maryland, Delaware, West Virginia, eastern Pennsylvania and southern New Jersey.

Do we need to provide any staff?

You will need to have a representative of the brewery present on-site, and one person available to assist with packing finished product.

Packaging in cans is on our radar; how soon should we start the design process?

As soon as possible! Once your initial can art is completed, TTB label approval periods are unpredictable, ranging from several weeks to several months. Once receiving government approval, you can expect approximately 6-8 weeks turn around time before receipt of your can order. Contact us today to learn how we can help you through the process, saving you time and money.

Do you require long-term contracts?

We don’t require long term contracts, however, we do offer preferred pricing for breweries who elect to commit for a specified length of time.

  • (202) 505–3856